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Explore from a selection of our extensive range of outdoor lighting solutions.

With a wide range of exterior light fittings including suspension lights, ceiling lights, table lights and floor lights, we believe that we can assist in creating the perfect lighting solution whether you are looking for traditional lighting, contemporary light or bespoke lighting.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please call or contact us to use our Free of Charge sourcing service, we will  help you find the most effective lighting concept for your home or project.


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Abate - Outdoor Wall Light
Dimensions: (D) 23.5cm Finish: stainless steel / glass Lamp type: 1 x 60w E27 IP rating: IP..
Afra - Wall Light
Dimensions: (H) 26cm x (W) 22cm x (D) 9cm Finish: Leccese, rosso mattone, antracite, marrone L..
Afrodita - External Ceiling Light
Dimensions: (L) 30cm x (W) 15cm x (D) 25cm (Other sizes are available) Finish: grey, urban gre..
Ajax - External Wall Light
Dimensions: (H) 26xm x (W) 23cm x (D) 12cm (Other sizes are available) Finish: brown, stainles..
Barchessa - Outdoor Wall Light
Dimensions: (H) 30cm x (D) 34cm (Other sizes are available) Finish: Brass or antique iron L..
Beverly - Outdoor Wall Light
Dimensions: (H) 35cm x (W) 13.5cm Finish: stainless steel / satin white glass Lamp type: 2 x 6..
Bond - Outdoor Wall Light
Dimensions: (H) 31.5cm x (D) 29cm Finish: Stainless steel Lamp type: 1 x 22w E27 IP rating:..
Buckingham - Outdoor Wall Light
Dimensions: (H) 38cm x (D) 16cm Finish: Stainless steel Lamp type: 1 x 60w E27 IP rating: I..
Cadiz - Outdoor Wall Light
Dimensions: (H) 34.5cm x (D) 9.5cm (Other sizes are available) Finish: Stainless steel / satin..
Calmaggiore - Outdoor Wall Light
Dimensions: (H) 30cm x (D) 22cm (Other sizes are available) Finish: Antique brass/copper La..
City Classic - Outdoor Wall Light
Dimensions: (H) 27cm x (W) 23cm Finish: black / gold Lamp type: 1 x 15w E27 IP rating: IP33..
Cross - External Wall Light
Dimensions: (H) 30cm x (W) 23cm x (D) 20cm Finish: rusted/oxide brown Lamp type: 1 x 100w E27 ..
Darwin - External Wall Light
Dimensions: (H) 25cm x (W) 25cm x (D) 9cm Finish: urban grey Lamp type: 1 x 23w E27 IP Rati..
Delfos - External Wall Light
Dimensions: (L) 34cm x (H) 12cm x (D) 21cm (Other sizes are available) Finish: grey, urban gre..
Drylight - Outdoor Wall light
Dimensions: 40cm wide x 35cm high x 30cm deep Finish: crystal  Lamp type: 2 x 10w G4 (..

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