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Brighten up your home or project with our selection of floor lamps, from traditional design to modern. 

Floor lamps instantly add style to a space, whether you are trying to highlight a particular feature in your home, create ambience or lighten a dark corner. We have floor lamps in a fantastic variety of finishes and styles.  

Looking for designer floor lamps?

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please call or contact us to use our Free of Charge floor lamps sourcing service, we will  help you find the most effective floor lighting concept for your home or project.


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4 legs - Floor Light
Dimensions: 170cm high x 50cm wide x 50cm diameter Finish: Stainless steel Lamp type: 1 x 40w ..
9002 - Floor Light
Dimensions: (H) 190cm x (D) 50cm Finish: Milk white Lamp type: 3 x 70w E27 Murano glass flo..
Acheo - Floor Light
Dimensions: 26cm diameter x 152cm high. (Other sizes are available) Finish: White, orange, red..
Airo - Floor Light
Dimensions: Base (H) 165cm x (W) 60cm, Shade (H) 53cm x (D) 50cm Finish: Black or White Lamp t..
Amize - Floor Light
Dimensions: (H) 164cm x (D) 50cm Finish: Silver/ chrome or Gold / bronze Lamp type: 1 x 150w E..
Anfora - Floor Light
Dimensions: (H)160cm x (D) 84cm Finish: White, cherry, beech, yellow, orange, red, green and grey..
Angelica - Floor Light
Dimensions: 80cm high x 45cm wide x 120cm deep  (Other sizes are available) Finish: Green..
Antonine - Floor Light
Dimensions: 172cm high x 30cm wide x 30cm deep Finish: Brass and glass globes Lamp type: 5 x 2..
Arkipelag Twin - Floor Light
Dimensions: 165cm high x 24cm diameter (Other sizes are available) Finish: white, silk grey or..
Arlington - Floor Light
Dimensions: 130cm high x 47cm wide x 47cm diameter Finish: stainless steel/marble Lamp type: 1..
Aspen - Floor Light
Dimensions: (H) 162cm x (D) 31cm (Other sizes are available) Finish: White / oak wood Lamp ..
Atlantic - Floor Light
Dimensions: 190cm high x 37cm wide x 37cm diameter Finish: brown/brass or black/nickel Lamp ty..
Atom - Floor Light
Dimensions: 158cm high x 30cm wide x 30cm deep Finish: Solid brass Lamp type: 3 x 40w E27 ..
Bare - Floor Light
Dimensions: (H)160cm x (D) 30cm Finish: Opal / chrome Lamp type: 3 x 60w E14 Collection of ..
Battista - Floor light
Dimensions: (H) 160cm x (W) 50cm Finish: White Lamp type: 1 x 100w E27 Battista floor ..

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