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Alchemy - Fan
Dimensions: (D) 158cm x (H) 33cm Finish: Brushed nickel with chrome accents or white with brushed..
Carera - Fan
Dimensions: (D) 132cm x (H) 32.5cm Finish: Brushed nickel and dark walnut or white with maple rev..
Lugano - Fan
Dimensions: (D) 132cm x (H) 33.5cm Finish: Brushed Nickel or white ..
Merced - Fan
Dimensions: (D) 112cm Finish: Brushed nickel or Chalk White ..
Osprey - Fan
Dimensions: (D) 122cm (Other sizes available) Finish: Silver satin or white ..
Seris Retro - Fan
Dimensions: (D) 92cm x (H) 40cm Finish: Nickel ..
Seville II - Ceiling Fan
Dimensions: (D) 112cm x (H) 33cm (Other sizes are available) Finish: Dark walnut and oak ..

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