Ambient Lighting

We want to help you create the perfect ambient lighting balance in your home, project or work space. Whether your focusing your lighting on being functional or setting the mood.

The perfect lighting can help you achieve both.

What type of lighting do you need

There are 3 basic lighting types;

  • Ambient lighting helps to create a mood,
  • Task lighting is functional and
  • Accent lighting helps show off areas of your room.

Task and accent are more specific and highlight particular areas of a room. Ambient is useful for the overall warmth of a room.

Choosing the correct placement for ambient lights

We want you to choose the best lighting based on the best placement. If you have a specific purpose for your lighting, such as to light up artwork, to use for reading or just to make a room feel cosy, then we can help. Proper placement of the lighting and style of the ambient lights really makes a difference. Bad placement can be over bearing or ruin the decor.

What style of ambient lighting do you need

Once we have an idea of the function of the lighting and roughly where you would like it placed, the next step is the fun part of choosing the fixtures themselves. So we could be looking at freestanding floor lamps, wall lights, table lamps or ceiling lights. Many of our collections have a whole set of options available so that you could have them all matching through out the room or even the whole building. We will help you choose a fixture that complements the decor of the room.

Creating the right ambient lighting for your room or home can be quite complex there are lots of factors to consider that will help make a fantastic impression. 

Get in contact with us now for more information about ambient lighting or to start a bespoke lighting project.